The production cycle that leads to realization of a Bisque product is made of various stages It obviously starts with the procurement of the raw materials.


We have used the same clay for more than thirty years now, this allows us to have a deep knowledge of what we work with using our hands. When the clay is ready we start working on it. The next step is the creation of a production mold.


This begins by making a plaster cast for a "mother form" which is stored and used whenever a production mold is needed. At this point, the various presses make different types of products according to the shape of the object.


After pressing, the shapes then have handles applied to them by hand; the product has yet to be finished, which means the excesses of clay are taken away that were formed at the points joining the molds and then the final finishing is done with a sponge to smooth the whole the surface of the product.


Now the product is ready to be completely dried after which it is ready to be fired at 1020 degrees for about 14 hours. At the end of the firing we always eagerly look forward to the most beautiful and rewarding moment of our work: opening the kilns and see how our products come out after having been prepared with so much passion.